Nurse saves lives during the day, hunts alligators at night

(SOURCE: Anita Fay Golden Simmons)
(SOURCE: Anita Fay Golden Simmons)

SENATOBIA, MS (WMC) - Mississippi officials issued hundreds of permits to hunters looking to harvest alligators.

Among all the sportsmen aiming to take advantage of the hunting season with teeth is one hunter you might not expect. She's a nurse practitioner by day and an alligator hunter by night.

Anita Fay Golden Simmons has a large collection of items needed to snag an alligator.

"Instead of a piece of jewelry, I ask for bow fishing equipment. Over time I've gotten me quite a collection of things that you would use for alligator hunting," Simmons said.

Simmons has been tracking down the giant scaly reptiles for over a decade. It's a sport she enjoys with loved ones.

"The ability to be able to go with family makes it fun for me," Simmons said. "The largest one that we captured towed a full sized boat with us in it--four people--through the lake."

Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks only offers 920 alligator hunting permits each year.

"In Mississippi we are not as populated with alligators as say Florida or Louisiana and other states are, and so they limit each zone to so many permits," Simmons said.

Each permitted hunter is allowed to harvest two alligators from the hunting zone that they were drawn and Simmons said they are everywhere.

Public Waters Alligator Season begins August 25 and ends September 4.

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