READ THIS before you crank the A/C in your car this summer

READ THIS before you crank the A/C in your car this summer

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Look, we know the drill – this time of year it's inevitable that we're going to sweat!

And not just a few drops... buckets, it seems, when the heat and humidity combine to make it feel nearly unbearable at times!

Like a habit we just can't break, it's almost instinct that the first thing we do when we get in the car is turn up the A/C to high.

But did you know that being a little patient could actually keep your health in check?

In short: open the windows. Why? Simple: a natural but toxic compound called benzene.

Linked to certain types of cancer, benzene can build up in our bodies and be extremely difficult to get rid of. Studies show that benzene, found in the hard plastic of car seats, can build up in the hot uncirculated air.

It doesn't even need to be that hot; temperatures inside a parked car that get above 60 degrees can have high levels of the compound—in some cases, 40 times the regulated permitted amount.

So you can see where that leads to a problem with the A/C in the summer. When you first get into a car and crank up the A/C, you know what the first few minutes feel like.

We're talking hot and uncomfortable air — air that can contain those high levels of benzene. You don't want to be breathing that in, do you?

The best plan of action is to open all the windows when you first turn your car on. Let that hot and stuffy air circulate out and clear the chemical out of the air.

After a few minutes, the A/C will kick in and cool the car down, ensuring a more comfortable and safer ride.

For more information on benzene and where else the harmful compound can be found, visit this link.

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