Record heat in Iran makes the Mid-South look pleasant

Record heat in Iran makes the Mid-South look pleasant

(WMC) - There are only a few places around the globe that see high temperatures above 120°. It went much higher than that last Thursday in Ahvez, Iran.

The temperature soared to 129.2° according to website Weather Underground. That surpassed Iran's previous all time high of 127°, and that reading of 129° may have tied a modern world record.

Officially, the hottest temp ever recorded is 134° in Death Valley, California, back in 1913, but there is some dispute over the credibility of that reading.

The crazy part of all this is that dew points in that desert region of Iran at that time were in the low 70s. That put the heat index above 140°. It was mainly due to return moisture from the Persian Gulf--similar to what happens for us from the Gulf of Mexico.

That makes the summer heat here in Memphis and the Mid-South look rather pleasant. I'll take our heat any day compared to that!

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