Residents say city still hasn’t picked up May 27 storm debris

(Source: Patricia Rogers)
(Source: Patricia Rogers)
(Source: Patricia Rogers)
(Source: Patricia Rogers)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - There they sit, pile after pile of debris left after the May 27 storms as far as the eye can see.

Neighbors said they've seen it too long.

"What I'm looking at, I'm not liking it!" said Patricia Rogers.

The leaves have dried up and wilted sitting here on the sidewalk. Most of it is still left from the major storm over a month ago according to residents.

But it's not just tree limbs.

"[A couch]'s been here at least two months," Carl Elam said.

Elam took out branches more than a week ago, and here they still sit. But he mostly wants to see the city grab the trash that's been piling up around his home for weeks.

"Not only pick mine up but my neighbors' too," Elam said.

Rogers said she's been trying to get the city to come out to Fox Meadows and Parkway Village for weeks.

On June 23, the city said they finished their first sweep of the city for storm debris. Patricia said they completely missed their streets.

"Frustration! They're trying to be patient but they feel like after a couple weeks they shouldn't be seeing tree limbs that have been sitting out for over a month," Rogers said.

These residents said they're sick of the mess.

"Sort of a negative one I guess," Elam said when asked what kind of image it projects. "Let people do their own cleanup, seems what they're implying to me and we pay taxes to have that done."

They said it's time for the city to put their tax dollars to good use.

"I keep hoping. I'm keeping my fingers crossed," Elam said

"Come and clean this stuff up Monday morning!" Rogers said. "We are watching."

In a statement, a representative for the City of Memphis said:

"The city is aware of the debris in Fox Meadows. A second pass through of the City will begin July 3.

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