Activists to celebrate youth on anniversary of bridge march

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Sunday, July 9, will mark the one-year anniversary of the bridge march and protest where local activists and the Memphis community shut down the Hernando DeSoto Bridge.

But this year, activists are coming forward with a different message aimed at the youth in the city.

Last summer, hundreds walked on the Hernando DeSoto Bridge protesting injustice, and Memphian Frank Gottie was among them.

"The message is for our city to come together, it's time for us to came together with love and respect. We're tired of all the killings going on against each other and we're tired of the police brutalities," Gottie said.

Now a year later, he said they're celebrating the night with another focus.

"But now we're not shutting down anything, we going to celebrate for the kids this time," Gottie said.

This Sunday, Gottie is arranging a youth day of fun at the Robert R. Church park, right after a march to city hall.

"It's so much stuff going on with the kids out here, no one's paying attention to them so we're going to put some attention on them," Gottie said.

Through a march from the park to city hall, Gottie said he's hoping to get the attention of the mayor, asking for more jobs for teens and positive community programs.

"We're going for everything for the youth, that's what we're pushing for," Gottie said.

He said it's a positive cause anyone can get behind, which is why he's invited Police Association President Mike Williams, members of the city council, and the mayor to join.

"The kids need it, the city needs it," Gottie said. "We all gotta come together and work as one."

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