Team of researchers from UAH to study weather during Solar Eclipse

Team of researchers from UAH to study weather during Solar Eclipse

(WMC) - Recently, I wrote a blog on the impact the August 21st solar eclipse will have on the weather (Read here).  Researchers at UAH in Huntsville, AL are now planning a trip north of Nashville to measure those changes in the atmosphere as the moon passes in front of the sun. The team will be led by Dr. Kevin Knupp from UAH's Severe Weather Institute and radar & lightning laboratories (SWIRLL).

They will be set up in Clarksville, TN as well as Hopkinsville, KY and the Land Between The Lakes in southern Kentucky.

The team will be taking their array of scientific instruments to measure temperature changes at the surface and aloft as well changes in rising air, cloud dissipation or formation and storm development. This includes their mobile X-band radar called "MAX" (pictured below) and the Mobile Integrated Profiling System (MIPS) (pictured above).

They will also launch a weather balloon to collect temperature data from the surface all the way into the stratosphere. Most of the processes that happen with our daily weather happen slowly. Those same processes will happen over a few minutes rather than a few hours thanks to the eclipse. The changes could vary greatly. Dr. Knupp and his team have their theories and hypothesis. The results will be interesting to say the least. I'm hoping to be there to see it all happening in person. Hopefully, it won't be cloudy!

You can find more details on the UAH Atmospheric Science page here.

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