Family mourns after boy, 3, accidentally shoots, kills himself

Kash and his father, Cortez. (Source: family)
Kash and his father, Cortez. (Source: family)
Kash (Source: family)
Kash (Source: family)
Kash (Source: family)
Kash (Source: family)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Tragedy struck at the New Horizon Apartments when a 3-year-old got hold of his father's gun.

Kash Sharp, 3, was rushed to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital on Saturday afternoon in extremely critical condition.

His uncle, Antonio Fagain, said his father's gun was in its case, and he was out of the room when Cash found it and accidentally shot himself.

"He had it in the case, like the gun case," Fagain said.

Kash's father Cortez Wilkerson, 26, has been arrested and charged in connection to the shooting.

"Devastating, he was kind of rocking in the backseat (of the police cruiser), crying, crying, crying," Fagain said. "He hasn't stopped crying."

Hours after the tragedy, this uncle is still in shock.

"It might dawn on me later. I don't want to believe it right now," Fagain said.

He said his younger brother was taken into police custody along with his girlfriend.

"From what I've been hearing, they're trying to make it like my brother killed his son, but he didn't kill his son. It was an accident," Fagain said.

"Hearing about what happened, this is something terrible," said James Gardner, who lives at the apartments.

Neighbors said this shows how careful people need to be with guns.

"Lock them up. Be responsible," Gardner said. "They're not toys."

"They (children) really don't know any better," said Daphne Hayes. "We have to be parents among ourselves to keep these items away from these kids."

"Keep the guns away," Fagain said. "I know they say put them up high, put them as high as you can get."

A young life was taken away from a family and a heartbroken father.

"Beautiful child that we're going miss dearly," Fagain said. "Like I used to call my little brother all time like please bring him over, please bring him over. I loved his energy."

That energy is now gone.

"Man, we're going to miss him, man. Oh my God," Fagain said.

Police continue to investigate potential charges.

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