Thieves enter store through roof, steal lottery tickets and merchandise

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Thieves made off with rolls of lottery tickets after gaining entry to a Memphis business through the ceiling.

At least two thieves worked together to pull off the burglary, but only one was caught on camera.

It's unbelievable surveillance video of a man breaking into Hollywood Market by cutting a hole in the roof. At one point, the thief inside the store grabs a scarf that belonged to the store and wrapped it around his face.

After wrapping the scarf around his face, he begins stealing lottery tickets and other items from the store.

"I'm very shocked," Hollywood Market owner Larry Reid said.

He said he couldn't believe that thieves came into the store around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday and were able to get away with thousands of dollars worth of cigarettes, lottery tickets, and even t-shirts.

The thief grabbed boxes inside the store and handed them up to a waiting hand through the hole in the ceiling. The second person was never caught on camera - only the hand.

The thief inside grabbed an arm load of lottery tickets and hands it to the hand. At one point, he grabs so many tickets that it's hard for him to hold them all.

So, he breaks off one of the boxes holding lottery tickets and then hands them to the person on the roof.

The man also grabbed store bags and filled them up with merchandise and lottery tickets before making his exit through the roof.

It took the thieves approximately 30 minutes to make off with all the merchandise.

Reid said he believes the same thieves burglarized his store last year.

The man who entered the store wore work gloves so there are no fingerprints. But, there is a piece of evidence.

There is one quick shot from surveillance video where the scarf the thief wrapped around his face falls off - giving a view of the man's face before he quickly puts the scarf back on.

Some customers said the merchandise is easy to sell for thieves on the street.

"You're going to get it for a lower cost. People are jumping on that," customer LaToya Langford said.

If you recognize the suspect in the video or see some of the merchandise being sold, call Memphis Police Department.

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