9-year-old rap phenomenon looks to inspire

ARLINGTON, TN (WMC) - A 9-year-old rap sensation is garnering attention and inspiring others.

Queen Diamond is a young rapper from Arlington. Her latest song, "I Know I Can," has more than 59,000 views on Facebook.

"I'm just really excited," Queen Diamond said. "I didn't know all of this was going to happen."

She seems shy at first, but if you give her time, Queen Diamond opens up and inspirational lyrics flow.

"When I see the stars, I think I can be an astronaut; when I see the cars, I think I can own a car lot," Queen Diamond said.

Her father, Tito Porter, said he knew early on his daughter would touch the world through her music.

"I actually started a label just for her," Porter said. "Because I looked at it like we have so many labels, but they're geared toward the negative. I said, 'Why doesn't somebody just start something and let the positive be the anchor?'"

Now, Queen Diamond's powerful words are spreading around the world.

"It inspires young people, and it's just a good song to motivate people," Queen Diamond said about her song, "I Know I Can."

"People [have] been sending me videos of others kids singing along and dancing and stuff," Porter said. "That's just what I envisioned when I heard her say it. I was like, 'This can motivate people.'"

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