Barking beagles prompt neighbor to start petition for dogs' removal

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)
(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC) - A Southaven woman said she has to listen to barking dogs day and night. She said the sound -- and smell -- next door is overwhelming and she is tried everything to make it stop.

Mashetta Simpson said her neighbors have at least seven dogs. She now wants to create a petition to have her neighbors' dogs removed.

"I wake at dogs barking. I cannot go to sleep because dogs are barking," she said.

Simpson has lived on Central Trails Drive for just over one month. But, what she didn't realize when she moved in is that she lived next door to a kennel full of hunting beagles.

"I cannot enjoy sitting on my back porch. I have maggots crawling across my porch. I have flies biting me," Simpson said.

Simpson said she has called law enforcement, the mayor's office, and her realtor.

The Southaven Animal Shelter director investigated and said this is the first complaint he has received about the dogs.

"We haven't smelled the stench or seen the nasty backyard and then the barking, we haven't really heard them bark," Director of Southaven Animal Shelter Perry Mason said.

The property did have one violation. It has seven dogs instead of the maximum number of five, which is enforced by the city. The owners have been notified to reduce that number.

The owner of the dogs said they take good care of their dogs and have lived in that area for four years with no complaints.

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