Traffic anchor Janeen Gordon returns to TV after battling cancer

Traffic anchor Janeen Gordon returns to TV after battling cancer

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - WMC Action News 5 traffic anchor Janeen Gordon's battle with breast cancer is far from over but she is a fighter.

She first shared the news with the public in May.

Gordon has been off the air for nearly two months after surgery and radiation treatments.

"It was the fatigue and the nausea that was almost unbearable some times and you don't want to take a pill for everything," said Gordon. "I found myself always having to take something but it has gotten better."

One thing she did not lose while on medication is her appetite.

"I love to eat," she laughed. "So I'm going to come back a few pounds heavier.

Even with a few extra pounds, Gordon said she is happy.

Family and friends have kept her in good spirits and the kindness of complete strangers has given her strength.

"There were days after I had my surgery that I couldn't lift my left arm but there were two twin sisters inside of a Kroger who put my things in my basket and walked away, said Gordon.

Gordon is not taking a single moment for gr anted.

Monday she learned her former radio boss lost his wife after her battle with breast cancer.

"Bobby O'Jay was the first program director to ever give me an opportunity to do radio so I've known he and Sharon for a very long time," said Gordon. "My heart goes out to Bobby and his family."

Gordon is the first in her family to receive the breast cancer diagnosis.

She has become an advocate for mammogram screenings starting at age 40.

"I've always been someone who gave to breast cancer, I walked the walks, I hosted some events but now I feel like I'm entrenched in the entire thing," she explained.

For now, her treatments will continue at Baptist Centers for Cancer Care.

Gordon said the staff there are like family.

She said she is listening to her doctors and stepping out on faith.

"I chose something that will work best for me, but there are other option our there for other women," said Gordon. "I stand here before everyone with a few tears in my eyes to say that I always thought I was a part of the journey but I'm really a part of the
journey now."

Join Gordon for her return to television on Wednesday morning starting at 4:30.

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