Farm Burger sizzles soon at Crosstown Concourse

Farm Burger sizzles soon at Crosstown Concourse
Location at Crosstown Concourse where Farm Burger will soon open. (Source: WMC Action News 5)
Location at Crosstown Concourse where Farm Burger will soon open. (Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis has its share of great hamburgers. There's the World Famous Huey Burger, Earnestine & Hazel's Soul Burger, and a burger for every taste bud at Belly Acres. It's worth a click on LBOE's website just to feast your eyes on the variety of burger deliciousness available at Last Burger on Earth. There are many others, including Tops Barbecue where you can enjoy the Memphis delicacy of pulled pork on your Tops burger. But these truly appetizing purveyors of burger scrumptiousness have a new competitor coming to town.

Farm Burger aims to open its doors to burger-loving Memphians at Crosstown Concourse in August 2017.  You have to have high confidence your burger is a healthy product if you're opening a burger joint within eyeshot of the white coated doctors at Church Health.

"I've always had a soft spot for Memphis," said Jason Mann, a Georgia organic farmer, rancher and agricultural researcher who co-founded Farm Burger with restaurateur George Frangos in Decatur, GA in 2010.

The Crosstown Concourse location will be Farm Burger’s 10th restaurant. The concept is to present a 100 percent grass-fed and locally sourced burger that’s a cut above the rest, quite literally.

"Our grass-fed product has the right blend, the right processing, and the right fat content," Mann said. "In most burger places, the beef you're getting is the trim," Mann said.

Farm Burger has a custom blend of beef where the prime cuts, rib eyes, loins, and filets create an award winning burger, according to Mann who says he has savored Memphis's unique vibe.

"When my family has visited Memphis, we have come to recognize it as one of America's authentic cultural landscapes. As an entrepreneur, I've always had my eye on Memphis. When Todd Richardson shared the vision for Crosstown Concourse, we knew we wanted to be there." Farmer Burger has strong connections to cattle producers in Georgia and has begun to establish relationships with ranchers in the Mid-South.

Farm Burger now uses a Middle Tennessee producer, Tennessee Grass Fed to supply its Nashville operation.

Farm Burger's news release says the menu will feature ingredients sourced from numerous Mid-South producers including Sweet Magnolia Gelato Co., Home Place Pastures (for pork), Bonnie Blue Farm (for goat cheese), Bluff City Fungi (for mushrooms), Crazy Good (for hot sauce) as well as many farmers who sell the fruits of their labor at Memphis Farmers Market. The beer list will include locals including Memphis Made, Wiseacre, Ghost River, Meddlesome, High Cotton and more. In addition to the award winning burgers, Farm Burger will offer dishes featuring antibiotic-free chicken, pasture-raised pork, veggies, seasonal salads, hand cut fries and daily specials.

Farm Burger opened its first Tennessee location in Nashville last fall. Other locations are in Georgia (Decatur, Buckhead, Dunwoody), North Carolina (Downtown Asheville and South Asheville), California (Berkeley and Marin), and Alabama (Huntsville). In addition to the Crosstown Concourse location, Farm Burger has plans to open in Birmingham, AL, as well as near Atlanta's Grant Park and inside Atlanta's new Mercedes Benz Stadium. Farm Burger was named among Food & Wine's picks for "Best Burgers in the U.S.".

Memphis stand out Hog & Hominy's burger gets a prominent nod in the same Food & Wine Best Burger list.

"We make a yummy great American hamburger," Mann said of his Farm Burgers which will sizzle soon at Crosstown Concourse.

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