'Gray Death' places Mid-South law enforcement on high alert

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A new drug, which is being called too dangerous to touch, has Shelby County deputies on high alert.

The Gray Death cocktail is a lethal combination of drugs.

Bob Jones with Recovery Challenge, a drug treatment facility in Germantown, said he has been hearing that more dealers are trying to sell Gray Death.

"[It's] the most lethal combination we've ever seen," Jones said.

Gray Death also goes by the name "concrete" or "cement" because of its common gray color and solid appearance.

The drug is thought of as being more powerful than heroin and meth.

"Touching it while it's combined can create an overdose on the spot," Jones said.

Common ingredients in Gray Death include heroin, fentanyl, and a designer drug called 47700. Gray Death has even been known to include elephant tranquilizer.

The exact recipe and strength can vary, but one thing is constant: it's dangerous.

"It's just random, you know? You just have no idea what you're getting," Jones said. "If you live through your dose, you can become addicted immediately."

Shelby County Sheriff's Office said its deputies are keeping an eye out for the dangerous drug cocktail.

"Tennessee Bureau of Investigation from Memphis said they had one of their agents actually buy some, but that's all we've seen. But if it's spreading around the country, it'll definitely come to Memphis," Shelby County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Earle Farrell said.

Gray Death has already claimed lives in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Jones said it's time for communities across the country to stand up and act.

"The only way we're going to overcome Gray Death, the only way we're going to overcome fentanyl and opioid addiction, is community members helping community members," Jones said.

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