Maywood warned to avoid fishing and swimming in lakes after sewage leak

Maywood warned to avoid fishing and swimming in lakes after sewage leak

OLIVE BRANCH, MS (WMC) - Letters have been sent out warning people not to swim or go fishing after E. coli and dead fish were found in a few Mississippi lakes.

Members of the Maywood community near Olive Branch were in shock when they came home to door hangers that said swimming or fishing is discouraged until further notice.

The city said the water in the Maywood lakes is contaminated.

"It's muddy, oily, it just looks nasty, real nasty," said community member Dennis Doss.

Shahkoka Lake is undergoing a major change. The water has turned brown and the animals are dying.

"We've had dead fish on numerous days, some more than others," said community member Joanne Nichols. "I know of three dead Canada geese in the last week."

Neighbors near this lake along with the surrounding lakes say these signs have been popping up warning them about a sewage leak where the water tested positive for elevated levels of fecal coliform and E. coli.

"Scared to go swimming in there or eat the fish," Doss said.

They also blame a nearby construction site for the water turning brown and said developers aren't following the proper criteria for silt fences.

We spoke to city officials who said they are keeping a close eye on the issue.

"We are confident that the sewage blockage that we found has been remedied and we no longer have that problem," said Jay Nichols, Olive Branch Public Relations Coordinator.

But many are worried no true action is being taken.

"They've tested the water but they haven't treated anything," Nichols said.

In the meantime, people are advised not to swim or fish these lakes until more tests are performed.

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