2 fake deputies pull gun on man, demand to be let inside home

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis man says two fake sheriff's deputies pulled guns on him at his Whitehaven home on Tuesday morning.

The man lives in the 3800 block of Spiegel Drive, near East Raines Road and I-55. The men told the victim they wanted to question him about a rape.

The police report says the two men posing as deputies left behind a notebook.

Neighbors saw the men getting in their vehicle outside the home.

"A tan, brown like short-sleeve shirt and the pants just like the sheriffs wear," neighbor Nicholas Williams said.

Williams said the men wore clothing that resembled law enforcement and he saw them getting into the vehicle. But, he said there was something about the men that didn't seem right.

"I could tell it was fake - like no badge, no markings on it, it was just plain," Williams said.

The victim told investigators he was in his carport when he saw a jeep stopped in front of his home. He said a man with a green shirt and wig got out that looked like a deputy sheriff. The 'deputy' was armed with a handgun and told the victim he wanted to talk about a rape.

The victim refused to let the man inside his home and that's when the second man got out of the vehicle. Both of the fake deputies pulled guns on the victim and demanded he let them inside the home.

Instead of complying, the man ran back inside his house and let some dogs out. The men ran away when the dogs were let out.

Neighbors said this is an unfamiliar sight for the area.

"We've never had that happen," neighbor Patricia Hubbard said.

We reached out to Shelby County Sheriff's Office to make them aware of the report. A spokesperson said they would alert deputies to keep an extra eye out for the imposters.

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