What we are working on Thursday morning

Good Thursday morning!

Here are some of the stories we're following right now:

The City of Memphis is preparing for an influx of heat. They are expecting to get a lot more heat related calls. We'll update you on what Memphis, Shelby County and others are doing to combat the heat today--as the heat index is expected to reach the highest number of the week.

A man says two people posing as Shelby Co. deputies, tried to force him inside his home with guns after they said they wanted to talk to him about a rape.  The man would not go inside the home. We'll explain what happened and what investigators are saying about these so called "deputies."

Memphis police uncovered a brothel being operated out of a Cooper-Young home. Police say the suspects rented the home on Airbnb while the owners were away on vacation. After a stakeout, a raid at the home uncovered used condoms, marijuana, and a gun. Neighbors are being credited for helping uncover the operation. We have a new update information on this morning.

There will be a job fair at the DoubleTree in Memphis today and there will be a lot of great jobs up for grabs.  Some of them pay $70,000.  We'll explain to people when and where and how they can apply.

A heat advisory is in effect right now. The heat index could surpass 105 today. We'll talk about today and the rest of the week and when we could see rain on WMC Action News 5 with weather and traffic no more than 7 minutes away all morning long.

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