Technicians offer tips to keep A/C units working properly

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - With a heat advisory in effect for the Mid-South through Friday, we are all doing everything we can to stay cool.

As A/C repairmen make the rounds during what is perhaps their busiest season, there are a few things we can do ourselves to keep our air conditioners running smoothly.

The technicians at Conway Services know how frustrating it is to come home to a hot house.

"Especially unexpectedly," said Bradley Milligan, Conway Services. "You know you get home to a hot house and it's very frustrating."

Technicians are booked solid during the summer months of June, July, and August.

"I fix four or five a day," Milligan said. "Whenever it reaches 90 plus, it's on."

The worst part for a homeowner? You truly never know when that air conditioner will decide to quit working.

"Some of them I've seen last 30 years, some of them I've seen last two months," Milligan said.

But, there are two simple things you can do in terms of prevention.

1. Change the filter every three months. For those of you with pets, check it once a month.

2. Keep the coil clean.

"Maintenance to an air conditioner is as important as maintenance to a vehicle," Milligan explained.

Conway Services also warned that if you're air conditioning unit is located near your grass, you need to be careful. Grass can clog the coils, which will stop your air conditioner from working.

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