Prisons struggle to crack down on contraband

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC) - It's not just local prisons struggling to crack down on contraband.

In an update to our special report Wednesday night, investigators uncovered contraband struggles hundreds of miles away that are impacting Mid-South families.

In plain daylight, inside of the correctional facility fences, inmate Jonathan Gallagher streams live from Facebook.

Watching from hundreds of miles away are his relatives in Southaven.

"It's not the first time the video has happened," said one of his relatives. "It's happened over and over."

Gallagher is serving time at the Bullock Correctional Facility in Alabama for robbery. But a look at social media, and it seems like he hasn't missed a beat.

There are dozens of profiles, and his family says the pages typically stay active until they report it.

"If they don't take his phone if they don't find his phone within 48 hours, he'll have a new Facebook page," said his relative.

Our investigators reached out to ADOC officials about Gallagher's constant social media presence.

ADOC administrators met with FCC officials twice to evaluate technology that could make illegal cell phones ineffective from behind bars.

But this family wants to know what can be done now to stop this.

"It's like the problem is so big they cannot control it," said the relative.

After Gallagher's Facebook page was reported, it was taken down but his Twitter page is still active.

ADOC officials said last year, 3,800 cell phones were discovered and they believe this year the number of cell phones recovered will far exceed those numbers.

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