Police officer takes lost dinosaur on overnight adventure

Police officer takes lost dinosaur on overnight adventure

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A little girl's favorite toy dinosaurs were stolen from her front yard, prompting her father to announce the theft on Facebook in hopes that the toys might turn up.

La Plata, Maryland police officer Bobby Bagley recognized the woman in Jason Hendricks' surveillance photo, so he tried to track her down. He wasn't able to find the woman who took the dinosaurs, but he did find one of the stolen dinosaurs.

Bagley found the toy around 2 a.m., so it was too late to deliver it to the Hendricks' house. Instead, he took the dinosaur on a little adventure around town, even stopping at the emergency room to fix a broken arm.

"Mr. Hendricks please tell your daughter that this fella was safe with me all night. I found him alone with a broken arm, so I took him to my Emergency Room friends at Charles Regional Medical Center. They were kind enough to fix his boo boo," Bagley wrote on Facebook.

Follow their adventures below:

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