50-foot 'whale' seen beached on banks of Seine River

(Source: NBC News Channel)
(Source: NBC News Channel)

PARIS (WMC) - People were shocked to see what looked like a beached whale washed up on the banks of the Seine River in Paris on Friday.

It turned out to be a stunt with a fake whale, but it was definitely realistic.

The 50-foot fake whale could be seen on its side as people pretending to be forensic scientists worked around its body.

People passing by stopped to look and take pictures.

A group of Belgian artists staged the scene to get people thinking about the impact mankind has on the environment.

"Which is something we all need to think about, you know? Really question the way we're living and what we're doing to our planet, why we're doing it to the planet," said a tourist who saw the display.

"We have such a profound impact and this really drives it home, like you find a whale in downtown Paris and you go like, 'Hmmm, how does that happen?,'" said Tom Kenis, a performer who helped stage the stunt. "And do we have something to do with that so that's definitely a question that has to pop into people's minds."

The art installation will stay put through the weekend before moving to another European capital.

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