Baby bandits patrol neighborhoods, rummage through vehicles

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A neighborhood is on alert after teenagers on bicycles have been caught on surveillance footage rummaging through vehicles. The baby bandits were caught not once, but twice on video.

"Apparently, they checked out the neighborhood, really well planned, and it looked like they had an assignment," Midtown resident John Lewis said.

Lewis received a shock when teenagers on bicycles tripped an alarm at his house around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. His home surveillance cameras caught the six teens on video as he watched from his home.

He saw the teens open the unlocked door of his truck and go through the vehicle.

"It was well planned, choreographed," Lewis said.

He said he saw two of the teens ride down the block and two rode up the alley in front of his house. They got off their bicycles and one went left and the other went right. They appeared to be looking in cars.

Lewis pointed a high powered flashlight at the teens and they ran away. But, that's not the only time they were caught searching vehicles for something to steal.

"The console was open, the glove compartment open," Linda Akin, neighbor, said.

Akin said around $10 went missing from her car Friday morning.

She looked at her surveillance video and discovered why it was missing.

"I thought, gosh that's some little kids," she said.

Her cameras caught the baby bandits around 11:00 p.m. Thursday riding by her car and circling back. One teenager opened the driver's door and one opened the passenger door.

They started going through the car and the other teens appeared to act as lookouts. Then, they ran away.

"At that age, doing that. I'm afraid they're going to graduate to bigger and better things," Akin said.

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