Nearly 100 air conditioners stolen in the last month

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - If you've stepped outside at all this week, then you already know.

"It's hot!" Trey Unger said.

"It's been crazy hot. Like a hundred something degrees, that's what it feels like," Jonathan Cole said.

This would be the worst time to have your A/C fail, or worse, get stolen.

We looked up the numbers, and our investigators found that in the last 30 days, there have been 82 thefts of A/Cs reported to Memphis Police. Those thieves have taken a total of 97 air conditioning units.

"That's a lot of air conditioners," Unger said.

A local scrap metal business said that these thieves are going over the river to Arkansas to sell the scrap metal and copper inside the A/C units.

Why Arkansas? They said laws in that state make it easier to sell the stolen scrap metal. The scrap metal business said thieves get less than $20 back from each stolen air conditioner.

"I think it's crazy," Cole said. "Like why would you steal that just to get $15 anyway?"

These constant thefts have made some people in Memphis cover their A/Cs with metal bars. We found some of those bars in Midtown.

"I just think people need to stop stealing air conditioners because it's not cool, " Cole said.

Indeed, not cool, at all.

It seems like these thieves are doing their homework before they steal. Many of the homes where air conditioners were reported stolen ended up being vacant or for sale homes.

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