911 calls detail moments leading up to Arlington fatal shooting by deputies

ARLINGTON, TN (WMC) - Shelby County deputies will not face charges in the deadly shooting of a man in Arlington last year, according to Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich.

According to the DA's office, two deputies shot and killed 48-year-old Jimmy Lee Lawson on December 17 after they rushed to a home on Osborn Road for a domestic violence call.

Weirich released the TBI's investigation into the shooting of Lawson. Those investigative files included harrowing conversations with Lawson's wife and a 911 operator.

The first call to 911 came from Lawson's daughter, who told the operator that her mother had called her and the daughter was afraid.

"She's screaming, saying call 911 because my dad's drunk, and then she hung up," the daughter told the operator. "I don't know why she would have called me screaming to call the cops if it wasn't serious."

After receiving a call from the daughter, the operator attempted to reach Lawson's wife and was successful.

Operator: 'What's going on over there?"
Wife: "My husband is going crazy and he's throwing s---."
Wife: "He's drunk and he's trying to hurt me."
Wife: "Oh my God, he's fixing to come after me."

As Lawson's wife talks to the operator on the phone, the situation appears to escalate.

Wife: "Right now it looks like he's going to kill me."

She tells the operator that her husband picked up a knife.

Operator: "Is it still in his hand?"
Wife: "Yes, it's against his throat."

Lawson refused to put the knife down and you can hear her tell him to put it down and don't point the knife at her.

Wife: "He just threw a knife at me."

The wife told the operator her husband, who is a registered sex offender and has a history of domestic assault, is bipolar. She said he was also drunk and threatening to kill her.

Even though it was December and freezing outside, the operator told the wife to go outside the home.

Wife: "He's in the kitchen. I'm sitting here looking at him. He has a knife in his hand."

Deputies arrived at Lawson's Arlington home. Investigators said Lawson was in the driveway acting belligerent and had a knife in his hand. According to investigators, he started running at the deputies with the knife. Both deputies fired shots at him, killing him.

Lawson's blood alcohol level was 0.322.

"It was a tragic situation for everyone," Weirich said. "The officers had only seconds to react and had no other choice, yet they will have to live with that night the rest of their lives. Mr. Lawson's family has suffered the loss of someone very important in their lives."

Both deputies were put on administrative leave pending the investigation as per protocol, but neither will be charged, which frees them to return to work.

The files had information redacted prior to their release. View the entire files below: 

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