ICE raids expected to continue though Wednesday

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted raids in the Memphis area this week and, according to leaked information, could continue through Wednesday. However, ICE would neither confirm nor deny that information.

Yuleiny Escobar published a video to Facebook that showed her father being detained by ICE in the Hickory Hill and Winchester Road area. The caption for the video essentially says that ICE arrests continue in Memphis.

In the video, the woman spoke mostly in Spanish. She described the scene and said that she is recording ICE in a black car, in a blue car, white car, and an SUV. She then told ICE that she was not going to record them, but wanted to ask what happened.

Another witness said ICE took many men, who were the sole breadwinners, away from their families.

"They left the family without no dad, nothing, the woman without her son," the witness said.

ICE said the operation was targeting adults who had entered the country illegally as children. Additionally, it targeted those 16 years and older who have criminal histories or gang ties.

Apartment managers said after ICE left the property, they went door to door in an effort to determine who was taken. They said they're encouraging families to speak out for help. Plus, they've connected churches with the families who remain at the apartment complex.

Those families said they were offered prayer, food, and support.

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