Delta Fair will not use same amusement company involved in deadly Ohio accident

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)
(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The amusement company behind that deadly fair ride accident in Ohio also provided rides to last year's Delta Fair.

Amusements of America was in the running to provide rides for the Delta Fair, but late Thursday, the organizers of the Delta Fair said they will not be using that company during this year's fair in September.

But, riders still have plenty of concerns about just how safe these attractions are.

"I think that if people had a warning this company was responsible for the rides, they wouldn't let their children or even themselves, they wouldn't ride it," parent Shereia Moore said.

Amusements of America brought the Fireball ride to the Ohio State Fair where one person was killed and seven other riders were injured when the ride broke apart Wednesday night when the fair opened. The ride flung the victims in the air.

Amusements of America also provided the rides to the Delta Fair in Memphis last year where seven riders were injured, some with broken bones, when the safety harness opened on the "Moonraker" and threw riders onto a guardrail on the ride. It was determined to be operator error.

"I love the Delta Fair. I go every year but stuff like that makes you wonder, you might stay away from the rides, I might stay away from some," Nick Campochir said.

Amusements of America will be providing rides in August for the Wilson County Fair, one of the largest fairs in Tennessee and the Giles County Fair in Pulaski.

But, the Fireball will not be at those fairs because the Dutch company that makes it has pulled it. In addition, Tennessee is one of several states that have banned it.

"I just think it's too risky and life is too short," Lisa Ward said.

The Delta Fair plans to announce next month who the ride provider will be this year as well as greater security and safety measures that will be put in place. The Delta Fair opens the beginning of September.

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