Superintendent Hopson addresses teacher shortage, grade-changing investigations

SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - Shelby County Schools may be starting a new school year, but they are still dealing with old allegations still under investigation.

During a news conference held Wednesday, SCS Superintendent Dorsey Hopson said contrary to what people are saying, the investigation so far has revealed that this is not a widespread issue across the district.

"Transparent in saying we want to figure out what happened," Hopson said.

When asked about the two grade-changing investigations, Hopson said he could not offer a comment because they were still ongoing investigations. But, he did say that the actual grade-changing acts happened on transcripts and not report cards.

"What we found was that someone was taken the report card which was right and changing the transcript," Hopson said. "As the transcript went out to colleges and football teams and things of that nature they didn't match what was in the report card."

Hopson also said the district is hiring about 100 teachers every week, and there are more ready to be hired after paperwork processes.

Hopson praised Shelby County Sheriff's Office for the work it did last year to protect students. He said crime numbers were down almost across the board when it comes to SCS schools.

Hopson also mentioned the district has reviewed its protocol for reporting and changing grades, and moving forward it comes down to this.

"We need to consistently make sure that people follow the rules, and hold people accountable when they don't," Hopson said.

Shelby County Schools begin classes on Monday, Aug. 7.

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