Woman describes carjacking experience outside hospital

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - New warrants have been issued for the man police said carjacked a woman outside a Memphis hospital Tuesday.

Jeremy Fletcher, 31, has now been on the run for more than 24 hours.

Memphis police said Fletcher was being escorted by an officer inside the Regional Medical Center when he broke away, ran outside and carjacked a woman with young children in the vehicle.

Now, that woman is sharing what happened.

"It really was beyond terrifying," said Christina Rosemond. "I feared for my life at that time."

Rosemond was sitting in the passenger seat of her white Jeep outside Regional Medical Center on Tuesday waiting for her mother to be released.

"At first I saw him run past the car," Rosemond said. "Then we made eye contact and he hurried up and back around and hopped in the driver's seat."

Rosemond said a Memphis police officer tried to pull Fletcher, who had one handcuff on his wrist, out of the car.

"He was pulling him trying to pull him out of the truck," Rosemond said.

Fletcher took off with Rosemond and her 3-year-old nephew and 3-month-old niece in the back seat.

Rosemond said Fletcher drove fast, going down the wrong side of the streets.

She tried to remain calm because of the children and even got reassurances from Fletcher as he drove.

"'I'm not going to hurt you all,'" Rosemond recalled. "'I just want to get out of the area.'"

She offered her car to Fletcher if he would just let her and the children go.

"He said no, that would be an extra charge, a carjacking charge," Rosemond said.

She said Fletcher, who was wearing jeans but no shirt, pulled into an apartment complex on Race near Mississippi. He got $4 from Rosemond.

"He asked a guy for a shirt. If he could buy a shirt from the person," Rosemond said.

She said the man gave Fletcher his white undershirt.

Fletcher had one plea for Rosemond.

"He turned around like please don't tell them where I'm at where you dropped me off," Rosemond said.

Despite his calculations, Fletcher is now wanted for carjacking as well as assault, evading arrest and kidnapping.

As of Wednesday night, Fletcher remains on the run.

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