A dip in the jetstream brings cooler weather to the Mid-South

A dip in the jetstream brings cooler weather to the Mid-South

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Enjoying the break from the sweltering heat? Don't thank your local meteorologists (hey, if we claim this, we'd claim to claim responsibility for the bad weather too, right?), thank the jet stream!

Oftentimes in July and August, the jet will be well to our North, providing us with an open Gulf of Mexico, moisture transport for storms, and a constant stream of heat and humidity. This isn't the case right now.

In fact, with the jet dipping so far down, the only real way for us to get rain would be along reinforcing cold fronts--one of which will move through on Friday, giving us a chance for a few scattered showers and maybe a few rumbles of thunder. Severe weather is not likely.

And while our average high temperatures are in the lower 90s, many times August can give us constant upper 90s with high humidity. The forecast over the weekend and even into next week is much of the same, with mid to upper 80s and a slight chance to cool off with scattered showers.

On the flip side, this means the Pacific NW is experiencing very unusual weather. Areas in the Portland metro are seeing highs in the lower 100s, wildfires and no real relief until late next week.

Chances are, we'll see a pattern flip by late August which will give us a decent chance to see more heat and humidity. So soak all this "relief" up while it lasts!

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