Victims report LA Fitness car burglars utilize screwdriver in thefts

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Car burglars are utilizing a simple tool to victimize drivers in Lakeland.

Memphis Police Department reported a dramatic 117 percent increase in auto thefts from 2016 to 2017.

LA Fitness in Lakeland off Highway 64 has been a prime target for criminals. Multiple cars have been broken into while parked in the parking lot.

Clifford Hughes works out at various LA Fitness locations, including the one in Lakeland.

He said his truck was one of the victims of the burglars.

"They just take a screwdriver and pop it, and they get lucky and the lock pops off," Hughes said.

Social media is lighting up with victims trying to warn others about the ongoing car burglary problem.

People like Hughes said they're now packing a bag and taking everything inside the gym with them.

Shelby County Sheriffs Office said it is aware of the issue, but did not have any information to share regarding suspects in the case.

We reached out multiple times to LA Fitness locations about the burglaries, but we have not heard back at this time.

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