Congressman Cohen praises special investigator going after President Trump

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Politics in 2017 seems more partisan than ever, but Congressman Steve Cohen said there's one thing bi-partisan in Congress: support for special investigator Robert Mueller.

Cohen, a Democrat, finds himself on the opposite side of the political spectrum when compared to Republican President Donald Trump.

"Our president is not competent to be the Chief Executive or Commander In Chief," Cohen said.

Cohen has been a constant critic of Trump, so he supported Mueller when he announced he's using a grand jury to probe ties between Trump's presidential campaign and Russia

"Bob Mueller is a man who I think, I know has bi-partisan support," Cohen said.

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Trump has been a critic of Mueller's investigation, calling it a witch hunt and a hoax.

"Mueller will take the case where the facts lead him. Truth dictates his demands. Bob Mueller will go forward," Cohen said.

The president took to Twitter Friday bragging about the success of his presidency, by pointing at a record high stock market and a strong jobs report.

Cohen said Trump shouldn't take all the credit.

"You don't create all these things in six months. They were created by President Obama's eight years steadily working to create jobs," Cohen said.

Cohen on ICE raids

Statistics show 64 of the 83 people arrested during raids in Memphis, Nashville, and New Orleans had no serious criminal warrants or histories. Their only crime was violating civil immigration law.

Cohen said those numbers raise some red flags.

"What they've done in this raid--and we've questioned this--why about three-fourths of the people arrested had committed no criminal acts," Cohen said. "We should try to get individuals who are here and contribute to our society to work with police and not be afraid of law enforcement."

Previously, ICE officials told WMC Action News 5 the Memphis raids were targeting criminals and suspected gang members.

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