Nino the dog survives three months of neglect, available for adoption

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - What was a tragic case of animal neglect is now turning into an inspirational story.

Officials said Nino was rescued Monday after his owner left him all alone while he was out of town for three months. Nino's owner didn't arrange for anyone to provide him food or water while he was gone.

Veterinarians were shocked the dog was even still alive after being left to die.

Miraculously, though, things turned around for Nino in just a few days.

Nino was transferred to one of Memphis Animal Shelter's pet placement partners. Hopefully, Nino will find a loving home soon.

"Nino's a miracle," said Alexis Pugh, director of Memphis Animal Shelter. "The fact that through it all, he remained in good spirits, he was sweet, he was loving, he is wagging his tail, it's really a testament to the spirit of these animals."

Nino's former owner has been charged with felony level animal cruelty.

For more information on how to adopt Nino, contact Blues City Animal Rescue.

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