'Good Grief Center' opens to help families deal with heartbreak

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Grief is universal, and Memphis sees families dealing with grief all too often.

But now, there is a new place to help. It's called the "Good Grief Center," and it serves families in Midtown.

The Gieselmann family knows grief all too well.

"We found out two of my daughters had a neurodegenerative brain disorder, and so from early on we were like, 'We need help,'" said father Frazer Gieselmann.

Their middle daughter Milla passed away from the disease in November of last year.

"We were grieving, a lot of the loss of what we perceived then to be a normal life," Frazer said.

The family turned to Baptist Memorial Hospital's Good Grief Center in Collierville. Frazer called it a game-changer.

"Having licensed counselors is a big deal in knowing how to enter our world and help us see and journey through this in a healthy way for our family makes a big difference and it's all free of charge," Frazer said.

Just a few weeks ago, a second Good Grief location opened in Midtown, named after Milla herself.

Angela Hamblen Kelly is the executive director over the centers, which are funded by grants and donations.

"Our services, they are very individualized and we meet people where they are and continue to walk with them into the future," Kelly said.

Kelly hopes this new center can help even more people in Memphis reclaim hope into their lives.

"We see healing happen. We see people when they come to us; they think hope is something that doesn't exist, and we get to walk with them as they see that light get bigger and brighter," Kelly said.

A third grief location is opening up in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in October. Once that opens, Baptist will have three grief centers within a 75-mile radius.

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