Crime decreases inside Shelby County Schools

Crime decreases inside Shelby County Schools

SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - It's the question on every parent's mind: How safe are your children at school?

Shelby County Superintendent Dorsey Hopson said since Shelby County deputies took over SCS security completely, there has been less crime inside of schools.

He said one technique making the difference is creating relationships that go beyond school grounds.

"You know the strategies that we use, particularly in being present, just getting to know kids to the extent of getting to know families and getting a part of the community played a really big part in terms of increasing or decreasing the number of incidents in schools," Hopson said.

Chief Inspector of Shelby County Sheriff's Office Bob Nations said only 25 schools have deputies assigned to them, with a minimum of two at each school.

He said every deputy must wear a body camera at all times, and the sheriff's office is willing to pay the price to make sure they have the tools they need to protect students and staff.

"We are probably close to a million dollars a year," Nations said.

Each officer is hand selected to protect Shelby County's most valuable resources.

The top three crimes SCS deals with are simple assault, theft, and drugs.

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