Religious leaders to show students love outside schools on first day

Religious leaders welcome students back to school

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - In light of recent federal raids targeting the immigrant community in Memphis, religious leaders are uniting in an effort to show kids of all ethnicities they are welcomed in the city.

It's been two weeks since ICE agents arrested 83 people combined in raids in Memphis, New Orleans, and Nashville.

With school starting Monday, religious leaders around the city decided to come together and show support for our children of all ethnicities.

"I'm just one of over 100 ministers, rabbis, and priests in Memphis who feel religiously compelled to respond to the negativity and division with positivity and love," said Rabbi Micah Greenstein of Temple Israel.

Rabbi Greenstein said don't be surprised on the first day of school if you see signs and a large crowd in front of the school.

"This isn't a protest, this is a love fest for all our students," Rabbi Greenstein said.

Memphis' religious leaders have identified 25 schools, like Grahamwood Elementary and Wells Station Elementary, that have a significant immigrant population from countries all over the world.

Hundreds of people plan to be in front of those 25 schools to welcome all students back to school with a smile.

"A number of churches and other houses of worship will be at all 25 schools with pompoms, with balloons, with a few signs that say we love our students," Rabbi Greenstein said.

The thought behind the rally is to inspire kids with love and positivity.

"We want all these kids to start in the right place, in the right spirit, and to know that we're all behind them," Rabbi Greenstein said. "No matter who they are, where they're from, or what they have."

So remember, don't be afraid if you see a lot of commotion outside your child's school.

They're there to make sure you and your child have a great first day of class.

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