Video shows oil-like substance in Nonconnah Creek

Video shows oil-like substance in Nonconnah Creek

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A man said oil ruined his Sunday afternoon at a popular Mid-South creek. The man's complaint sparked a state investigation.

Jason Lurie spends several days a week hiking through the tall grass to get to Nonconnah Creek. Sunday was no different. He waded through the water to look for rocks. After a few minutes he noticed something was wrong.

"My bucket started turning black. I was concerned," Lurie said. "Then I looked at my feet--my feet were black, and I was like, 'What in the world?!'"

Lurie pulled out his phone and started recording what he saw: The normally clear water had turned green, brown, and even black in some areas.

"Immediately you think back to like the oil spill back to Exxon Valdez," Lurie said. "You think, oh my gosh, it's happening here in Memphis on Nonconnah Creek."

He claims he saw gallons of oil oozing by him for more than four hours as it filtered its way downstream to the Mississippi River.

"It was horrible," Lurie said. "I was like, 'Oh my gosh. What's going to happen?' I cleaned myself up. I was like, 'When is it going to stop?'"

He immediately called local, state, and national officials, who quickly took samples of the water. They looked to determine what exactly was in it and what danger it posed. They told him it was their top priority to figure out what happened.

Those officials told WMC Action News 5 they were still investigating.

Despite the scare, Lurie said he won't stop coming to enjoy the beauty of Nonconnah Creek.

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