Family dealing with tree on their house for two months

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Charlette Wright said she's never been on a camping trip, but it feels like she's been on one since May.

That's because Wright had a huge tree fall on her home May 27, and she, her husband, and her son have been living without electricity since then.

"It's been a little hard," Wright said.

The family has had some of the limbs cut off, but the Wrights can't afford to have the tree removed.

It smashed a corner of the house, and there was a fear that it might fall on the gas line. That's why beams are supporting it.

Wright said she has gone to the city to fill out an application for help and called almost every day.

"Dialing and smiling," Wright said.

Wright now has a generator, but that does only so much.

"You have to keep putting gas in it," Wright said.

It's enough to cook and do a few things that require electricity.

Wright said at one point, the city told her that her house was not structurally sound. But someone from code enforcement came out and checked out the house and said the house is OK.

Wright just hopes something happens soon.

"I still have to be thankful because a lot of people, the tree fell in the middle of their home," Wright said.

The city of Memphis says it is trying to help Wright and her family. The city is waiting for FEMA to approve her application.

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