Two waitresses robbed at gunpoint in Midtown

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Two women were robbed at gunpoint after they got off work in Midtown Memphis.

The two are waitresses who got off work early Monday morning and went to get something to eat at IHOP on Union Avenue, a routine activity for them.

"I go out all the time with my friends late at night because we don't get off until like 2 or 3 in the morning," the first victim said.

Before the two could get inside IHOP, a man with a gun stopped them.

"The guy came up in front of us, and said 'I am going to need your purse.' And we said 'no,'" the second victim said.

"I had my gun in my purse, and I couldn't get it out fast enough before he had his out, and he was like give me your stuff," the first victim said.

The suspect stole both of the women's purses, wallets, keys, phones, and a gun.

"You don't wrap your head around it until it's over with, and you go through the what ifs and what you could have done," the second victim said.

"I don't even feel safe just walking alone anywhere. Like it just takes everything out of you," the first victim said.

Several burglaries were reported near the same area that night. Plus, Saturday night a man tried to rob two men in Overton Square.

It is unclear if the incidents are connected.

"The guy is not afraid. He wants one thing and one thing only, and he's going to have to do what ever he has to to get it," the second victim said.

Both women have warned their coworkers to be aware of their surrounding when they are leaving work after a late night shift until this man is caught.

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