Grizzlies Swift to Sign with Rockets/Summer League Team Falls

It's almost official..

Stromile Swift is leaving the Memphis Grizzlies for the Houston Rockets.

Stro's agent, Andy Miller, told Houston media the Free Agent Forward has reached and agreement to sign with the Rockets and is excited about joining a Front Line that includes Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming.

Terms are not disclosed by NBC Houston Affiliate KPRC-TV reports Swifts' contract would be worth about $30-million dollars over 5-years.

Free Agents can begin signing on Friday.

Swift spent his first 5-years with the Grizzlies, averaging about 12-points and 6-rebounds a game.

And the Grizzlies Summer League team lost for the first time..falling to the Lakers 94-83

Andre Emmett ledt the Grizz with 20-points..

Rookie Lawrence Roberts had 16-points and 12-rebounds.