Caregivers can have easier lives

The AARP says nearly 34 million families in the U.S. are caring for someone who is over the age of 50. But the task of caregiving is not always easy.

Earlier this summer Diane Menditto Doyle moved her parents in with her own family. Caring for them is adding to an already full plate. Doyle has a husband, three kids, two jobs, and graduate school. It was an adjustment for the entire family.

"Juggling your work life with your eldercare life with your familycare life and then what ends up being put at the bottom of that list is care for yourself." AARP spokersperson Elinor Ginzler said.

Ginzler says if you don't care for yourself it could jeopardize the care you give others. She recommends making use of short periods of time. She also suggests doing things you want to do. She says its important to take breaks.