Family claims driver threw bottle at car during road rage incident

Mid-South roads are becoming a dangerous place to drive. 

More and more drivers are finding themselves the victims of road rage, and some of them at gunpoint.

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Anybody who drives knows how tempers can flare from angry impatient drivers on the roadways as pressure builds, exploding into dangerous road rage.

Cole Beanblossom and his family were driving on Highway 51 in Millington when it happened.

"The guy was riding on my bumper and I can't even see his headlights," Beanblossom said. "All I hear is a big boom. I thought the window broke."

Amber Miller was in the car with Beanblossom.

"My daughter instantly started crying saying, Mommy, the bad man's going to kill us," Miller said.

A 6-year-old and a 4-year-old child were also in the car. One of them was sitting right next to the window, which fortunately did not break.

The couple thinks a man in a red Jeep threw a glass bottle at their van, and the man tailed them all the way from Millington to Frayser.

They got his license plate number and called the police.

This is one of several road rage incidents in the Memphis area reported to police.

One man reported that he apparently didn't take off fast enough at a red light. The driver behind him started blowing his horn, then ran into his car, still blowing his horn before he took off.

Road rage incidents seem to be increasing.  A New York Times article from April reports road rage incidents involving guns have more than doubled from 2014 to 2016.

It's a potentially lethal combination of angry drivers with a pressure cooker mentality and no patience.

"I see road rage a lot," Beanblossom said. "It's getting bad, getting really bad."

We checked with Memphis police about reports of increased road rage.  At this point, those numbers are not available.

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