BLM says footage of Marion teen being killed is a 'cover up'

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Black Lives Matter held a rally in Marion, Arkansas on Friday to respond to a fatal officer-involved shooting.

Marion police officers shot and killed Aries Clark, 16, on July 25.

A crowd of protesters included Clark's mother at first, but she left early without giving a comment. A BLM spokesperson gave a statement on her behalf:

"This is the first day that the mother of Aries Clark has been to the site of the incident since it happened," Yoni Ziegler said. "She expressed her distraught about the inconsistencies."

Clark was killed outside an emergency shelter for children. He had left the center without permission, then returned with a BB gun in his hand.

Body camera footage shows officers pleading with Clark for 10 minutes. They repeatedly asked him what they could do to help end the standoff and begged him to put the gun down. When Clark turned toward one of the officers and pointed the gun at him, two officers opened fire.

Black Lives Matter protesters said they don't believe the video that police released. They said the video was altered but did not give specific details of why they believe that. (Note: WMC5 did edit the video police released in order to avoid showing Clark's death)

Prosecutors determined the officers who shot Clark were justified in their actions.

Clark's family members said they were disappointed by the release of the video.

Friday's rally was a call for police to release the "full, unedited" version of the video.

"We want the raw footage. We feel like it's a cover up," Ziegler said.

Ziegler refused to comment on why they felt the footage was doctored.

Black Lives Matter also wants the police department to explain why officers used deadly force on a teen they say was trying to commit suicide.

The group said their main spokesman who was supposed to speak at Friday's protest could not make it.

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