Driver credits ‘angel’ for saving his life after pipe flies through windshield

IMPERIAL, MO (WMC) - A driver believes an angel intervened after a very close call on I-55.

A large piece of metal came up and pierced his windshield, barely missing his head.

Often, we hit the interstate so focused on getting to where we're going, things like traffic stops and roadway debris draw little more than a passing glance.

But Steve Montgomery is glad he paid attention to the pipe rolling around on I-55 on his way home to Poplar Bluff on Tuesday night.

A tow truck hit it and it wasn't rolling around anymore.

"It was just like a launching tube, and it shot it out like it was, in the air, it was just flipping and flipping and flipping," Montgomery said. "Like somebody grabbed it out of the air. It's just like it just took it and speared it into the truck. I couldn't actually sit up because the drive shaft was right where my face was. I shouldn't even be here talking to you."

He ducked just in time and somehow kept his truck on the interstate until he could safely pull over without actually being able to see the roadway.

Something can be seen in the sky in one of the pictures he took that appears to be a reflection.

But from where Montgomery was sitting, there was no doubt.

"I think an angel was driving the truck," Montgomery said. "When I was down and I couldn't see the highway to keep it in the road, somebody else was driving that truck."

Montgomery took the drive shaft home.

He's now waiting to see if insurance will cover the repairs since he needs his pickup to get back to work.

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