Linda Thompson remembers Elvis, marriage to Bruce Jenner

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Forty years after Elvis Presley's death, one of only two women who ever lived with the King at Graceland is back in town with a best-seller.

Actress and songwriter Linda Thompson signed her new paperback for hundreds of friends and fans at the Memphis Rock N Soul Museum on Sunday afternoon.

Her memoir "A Little Thing Called Life" covers her live-in love affair with Elvis and her five-year marriage to Bruce Jenner, including her reaction to discovering Bruce was really Caitlyn.

"I wanted to have children," Thompson said. "I wanted to have a more normal life and I knew I could never have that with Elvis. And ironically, as we know in the book – if you've read the book –  ironically, I thought I had found that normal with the world's greatest athlete, the all-American and impossibly masculine Bruce Jenner. I knew Bruce Jenner.  Fell in love with him and was shocked to discover her. And divorced him because of her. Haha! Can you swallow that?"

Linda has waited many years to tell some of these stories. She said coming home to Memphis brings the memories rushing back.

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