Car allowances to be discontinued

Car allowances for certain Memphis city workers will soon be discontinued.  The change will be effective November 30th if approved by the full council.  The council wanted to make the change after learning more that 20 city workers got car allowances from 400 to 800 dollars a month. The allowances have been available to those workers for years.

Under the plan the city would have a new division called Fleet Services to oversee the 45-hundred city vehicles that include the police and fire departments.  The city is also asking that Memphis Light Gas and Water executives give up their car allowances.

"We believe it will save money, said McGee, "We believe it will save taxpayers money.  Also, we believe by having an office of Fleet Services and being efficient at what we do will save the taxpayers money."

McGee couldn't give any figures on how much money the new idea will save.  The council is being asked to trust the administration will add up to a savings to tax payers.

"It's not our job to trust; it's our job to check and verify," McGee said, "That's our responsibility."

Council member Carol Chumney and E.C. Jones wanted numbers from the city administration before voting in committee to approve the plan. They were overruled by other committee members who voted in favor of the plan.

"Do you trust the administration to do it the right way," asked Councilman Scott McCormick, "Yes, I'm trusting we're acting in good faith.  They've brought a proposal that I think answered the issue of the car allowance the public felt was extravagant."