Solar eclipse glasses may not perfectly protect your child's eyes

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Even if you have bought your children solar eclipse glasses, their eyes may not be completely protected.

Most solar eclipse glasses are "one size fits all." However, that one size doesn't fit all--especially young children.

The glasses could slip off your child's face or not cover their eyes properly. If that happens, and your child keeps looking at the sun, they could suffer serious eye injuries.

"For younger kids, they actually have straps that they can put on the back of the glasses to hold them in place," Dr. Brian T. Fowler of Hamilton Eye Institute said.

Other options for making sure your child's eyes are protected include making viewing boxes, creating masks to go around the glasses, or buying glasses specifically designed for children.

You could also watch the eclipse with your children on We will be streaming the whole event and it'll be safe to watch online.

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