Memphis Zoo hosts watch party for animals reactions to eclipse

Memphis Zoo hosts watch party for animals reactions to eclipse

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis Zoo hosted a watch party so that visitors could see how animals reacted to the Great American Eclipse.

There were four observation stations spread throughout the zoo, allowing visitors to observe whether animal behavior changed during the solar eclipse.

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One of the observation stations was located in front of the elephant yard because, according to historical information, during the last full solar eclipse, elephants in various locations trumpeted, or made loud vocalizations. While that did not happen at Memphis Zoo, some new behavior was noticed.

"We saw some subtle changes to Asali's behavior," said Amanda Schweighart, elephant manager. "She's the youngest of our herd, and she went into an 'alert' stance, that lasted several seconds. Once she reunited herself with her two herd mates, her behavior returned to normal."

Memphis Zoo took to Twitter to update animal behavior during the eclipse.

About 10 minutes before the eclipse, the penguins were the first update.

Updates about multiple animals, including hippos, crocodiles, and black bears, continued:

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