MPD cruiser nearly crashes into house in Whitehaven

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A police cruiser narrowly avoided crashing into a house in Whitehaven on Monday.

The incident happened around 6:15 p.m. near the intersection of Neely Road and Southhill Avenue.

"I see them going that fast and hit the car, and I was closing my eyes and then I opened them and saw them over there," Jonathan Nichols, a 13-year-old witness, said.

Memphis Police Department said the police officer was driving with his lights on to assist another officer.

The driver of the van didn't see the officer, whom witnesses say was going pretty fast.

When the van turned onto Neely Road, the two cars tried to swerve, but couldn't avoid each other, sending the police cruiser careening through several yards, stopping just feet away from a home.

"I got off the bus, walked down a little bit, then I heard a loud bang," a witness, who helped the officer, said. "He was trapped, so me and a couple friends helped."

"He kicked out the window then we dragged him on out of there. The officer seemed like he was hurt after we got him up out of there," the witness said.

Police said the officer was taken to Regional Medical Center for treatment but will be OK. Thankfully, the crash didn't end in tragedy.

"I'm glad there weren't nobody seriously injured. It could have been a lot worse," the witness said.

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