Top 16 most congested Memphis intersections revealed

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - With school back in session, congestion has clogged up many intersections in the Memphis area.

WMC Action News 5 has uncovered the top 16 most congested Memphis intersections during morning commutes.

  1. Poplar Avenue and Ridgeway Road
  2. Walnut Grove Road at Farm Road
  3. Shelby Drive at Lamar Avenue
  4. Highway 64 at Germantown Road
  5. Dexter Road at Germantown Road
  6. Trinity Road at Germantown Road
  7. Winchester Road at Lamar Avenue
  8. American Way at Lamar Avenue
  9. N Parkway at McLean Boulevard
  10. Sam Cooper Boulevard at E Parkway
  11. Poplar Avenue at E Parkway
  12. Poplar Avenue at Highland Street
  13. Walnut Grove Road at White Station Road
  14. Winchester Road at Hacks Cross Road
  15. Winchester Road at Riverdale Road
  16. Shelby Drive at Getwell Road

Memphis traffic engineers constantly do what they can to make the delay as balanced and fair as possible when timing traffic lights and signals.

"Even a couple seconds, even two seconds makes a big difference in signal timing," Memphis engineer Randall Tatum said. "We try to balance the delays. We try to make it to where no individual movement is going to be experiencing any more delay than any other one."

If you get stuck in a congested intersection, the best advice is to stay patient.

Tatum said there should be delays built into your commute if you need to go through the more congested areas--especially Poplar and Ridgeway.

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