Two restaurant coworkers robbed at gunpoint in Cooper-Young

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Two armed men robbed two restaurant workers in Cooper-Young on Monday.

The robbery happened around 11:30 p.m. while two coworkers at Cafe Ole were walking home.

"They came around the corner with a shotgun," Brandon Sikes said. "One guy had a mask. It was kind of like it was covering everything but his eyes."

Sikes was walking home with a female coworker who lived near his home a couple of blocks away in Cooper-Young.

When they arrived at Felix Avenue and Tanglewood Street, two armed men showed up.

"They were like 'don't move,' and had the shotgun, and Liz was there so I didn't want to try anything because my first reaction was to run," Sikes said.

The crooks got Sike's phone and his co-workers purse with the keys to her house in it.

That same night, not far away, another armed robbery happened at South Barksdale Street and Walker Avenue.

The male victim was walking to the store when three armed men walked up to him and said, "give me what you've got."

They took his phone and cash.

It is a disturbing situation, especially for Sikes, who was robbed at gun point less than a year ago in the same area.

We crime tracked the area over the past three months and only found a handful of robberies.

The Cooper-Young neighborhood association has pushed for more security cameras and that may be a deterrent. But Sikes is getting all too familiar with crooks.

"I lost another phone. This is the second one within a year," Sikes said.

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