'It sounded like a war': Couple's home of 51 years shot at as they slept

RALEIGH, TN (WMC) - A Raleigh couple's home is riddled with bullets and the shooter is still on the run.

The neighborhood is now hoping for more SkyCop cameras or any camera to deter criminals, as police work to find out who opened fire into an elderly couple's home.

"We've been here 51 years, we ain't leaving," said Joe Ontl. "It's our home."

Joe and his wife Mary woke up Thursday to gunshots flying everywhere.

The gunfire shattered both their cars' back windows and went through their house off Timberwood Drive.

"They shot out the back door," Joe said.

He showed us bullet hole after bullet hole inside their home.

"Why?" Joe said. "Why? I ain't never done nothing to you."

Perhaps the scariest part is that a gunshot came through one of the shutters, barely missing the bedroom where Mary was inside getting ready for bed.

"It was so loud," Mary said. "It sounded like a war."

They're calling for more video cameras in their neighborhood, even a SkyCop camera.

The neighborhood watch is using grant money to install cameras outside people's homes, and they plan to have nine cameras recording by mid-September.

"So we can see who's driving through the neighborhood and to see who's doing the crime," said Neighborhood Watch member Isadore Harris.

The Memphis City Council approved more cameras to go up in hot spots around the city with 10 per district, including in the Raleigh area.

"It's possible could've caught him or lead to whoever it was," Joe said.

For now, this family is counting their blessings, knowing what may have kept them safe was sitting on their front porch.

"Our guardian angels were probably looking over us because we're not hurt," Joe said.

For now, police still haven't determined a motive.

Neighbors said it's possible the gunman had the wrong house.

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